KTU Syllabus S1 and S2 Btech 2015

Kerala Technological University (a state govt university) has come into existence on may 21,2014 with an aim It also emphasizes to improve the academic standards of the graduate,post graduate and research programmes in engineering science,technology and management and regulate the academic standards of all colleges affiliated to the university.The main thrust areas of the university are research,Development and Innovation.Each course has a course number. Course number includes the offering department or
knowledge segment code and a three digit number. Knowledge segment code is used when a course is offered by any one or more departments with the same course content and syllabus.

Code      Subject     Page

MA 101 Calculus 2

PH 100 Engineering Physics 5

CY 100 Engineering Chemistry 8

BE 100 Engineering Mechanics 10

BE 110 Engineering Graphics 12

BE 101-01 Introduction to Civil Engineering 15

BE 101-02 Introduction to Mechanical Engineering Sciences 17

BE 101-03 Introduction to Electrical Engineering 20

BE 101-04 Introduction to Electronics Engineering 22

BE 101-05 Introduction to Computing and Problem Solving 24

BE 101-06 Introduction to Chemical Engineering 28

BE 103 Introduction to Sustainable Engineering 30

CE 100 Basics of Civil Engineering 33

ME 100 Basics of Mechanical Engineering 36

EE 100 Basics of Electrical Engineering 38

EC 100 Basics of Electronics Engineering 40

MA102 Differential Equations 42

BE 102 Design and Engineering 45

PH 110 Engineering Physics Lab 48

CY 110 Engineering Chemistry Lab 50

CE 110 Civil Engineering Workshop 51

ME 110 Mechanical Engineering Workshop 53

EE 110 Electrical Engineering Workshop 54

EC 110 Electronics Engineering Workshop 55

CS 110 Computer Science Workshop 57

CH 110 Chemical Engineering Workshop 59

The scheme and syllabus put forth by the KTU is giving  a ray of hope for the new generation. We need  to empower  the  youth  with  skill and  knowledge  that promote meaningful employment.  I  urge you to grow as a responsible citizen giving something to the society and nation.   I welcome all the students joining in the colleges
affiliated to KTU and wish a bright academic future.

In this post we are giving you Syllabus of B tech Semester 1 & 2 batches of Kerala Technological University(First batch under the university .You can download the pdf file of syllabus for semester 1 & 2 by clicking the below icon.