Basics of Civil Engineering Syllabus S1&S2 2015-16

Course No. : CE100
L-T-P-Credits : 2-1-0-3

Course Objectives
1.        To inculcate the essentials of Civil Engineering field to the students of all branches of Engineering.
2.        To provide the students an illustration of the significance of the Civil Engineering Profession in satisfying societal needs.

General introduction to Civil Engineering - Introduction to types of buildings, Components of a residential building, Introduction to industrial buildings; Introduction to planning of residential buildings - Simple building plans; Introduction to the various building area terms; Setting out of a building; Surveying – Principles, Objectives, Horizontal measurements with tapes, Ranging; Levelling – Instruments, Reduction of levels; Modern surveying instruments; Building materials – Bricks, cement blocks, Cement, Cement mortar, Steel; Building construction – Foundations, Brick masonry, Roofs, Floors, Decorative finishes, Plastering, Paints and Painting; Basic infrastructure and services – Elevators, Escalators, Ramps, Air conditioning, Sound proofing, Towers, Chimneys, Water Tanks; Intelligent buildings.

Expected outcome
1.        The students will be able to illustrate the fundamental aspects of Civil Engineering.
2.        The students will be able to plan and set out a building.
3.        Students will be able to explain the concepts of surveying for making horizontal and vertical measurements.
4.        They will able to illustrate the uses of various building materials and explain the method of construction of different components of a building.

5.        Students will be able to discuss about various services in a building.

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