Chemical Engineering Workshop Syllabus S1&S2 2015-16

  • Course No. : CH110
  • L-T-P-Credits :0-0-2-1

Course Objectives

 To impart in students the basic knowledge in chemical engineering through simple experiments and demonstrations.  

List of Exercises / Experiments (Minimum of 8 mandatory)

1      Preparation of soap
2.     Determination of flash and fire point
3.     Preparation of Biodiesel
4.     Specific gravity measurement
5.     Fabrication of FRP laminates/ Study of filtration  equipments
6.     Study of distillation column
7.     Study of absorption column
8.     Study of heat exchanger
9.     Study of size reduction equipment

10.   Preparation of Pigment

Expected outcome

Students will have a thorough understanding of the basic concepts that they learn in the theory paper “Introduction to Chemical Engineering”.

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