Sustainable Engineering : "Fit for Purpose – Designing the Sustainable Engineer"

This presentation will reflect on the theme of the training program and will propose that a 
sustainability engineering informed paradigm be embedded throughout all the professional degrees 
that are being offered in KTU Apart from the launch of Sustainability Engineering Course in B.Tech curriculum of KTU in 2015, the twin aim of this presentation is thus to initiate a conversation within Engineering Faculty of KTU on the issue of embedding sustainability on our B.Tech programme courses, and to passionate the potential interest in this concept.
Introduction • Sustainable development is widely recognized as a prior task for societies in the 21st century. • Following the tradition of environmental education which was thought as a main instrument for solving environmental problems, education once again seems to serve as a prior vehicle to reach the ambitious goals of sustainability.

  • Research studies have consistently shown that fears, hesitations, lack of knowledge concerning sustainability engineering/ development, insecurity concerning the disciplinary and pedagogical aims, weakness in coaching open-ended and participatory processes, and self-imposed boundaries exist.
  • Sustainability is the ability to achieve continuing economic prosperity while protecting the natural systems of the planet and providing a high quality of life for its people. Achieving sustainable solutions calls for stewardship, with everyone taking responsibility for solving the problems of today and tomorrow --individuals, communities, businesses and governments are all stewards of the environment .
  • From “lords and possessors of nature” to “being part and parcel” of it. From sustainability being aA new engineering paradigm to be fit for purpose constraint on professional practice to being its veryfor the Century! Recognise role in resolution of ‘wicked’ problems from many possible outcomes, as well as unique optimisation solutions to ‘tame’ well defined problems. The new engineer /The new model engineer /engage in post normal science From narrow role as ‘value neutral’ paid hands who are facilitators of techno-economic development, to a wider role envisaging the broader societal, environmental

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