Sustainable Engineering : "Sustainable Energy Conventional and Non Conventional"

What is energy?

Ability to do work (or)
“Work” means “Transferring energy from one
place to another”
  • Energy is neither created nor destroyed
  • But energy can be transferred to other objects or
  • converted to other different forms
  • Common energy forms: Kinetic energy, Radiant energy, Potential energy (gravitational, electric or magnetic), Elastic energy, Chemical, Thermal...

Conventional Energy

Energy that has been used from ancient times

Sources of conventional energy include:

 Coal

 Natural gas & Oil

 Other petroleum products

 Firewood

 Hydropower

 Nuclear energy

Non- Conventional Energy

Energy that has been used in recent times

Sources of non-conventional energy include:

 Solar power

 Wind power

 Hydro & Tidal power

 Geothermal power

 Biomass

 Biofuel

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