Sustainable Engineering : "Sustainable Habitat and Green Building"

The purpose of this course is:-

  •  To have an increased awareness among students on issues in areas of sustainability
  •  To understand the role of engineering and technology within sustainable development
  • To know the methods, tools, and incentives for sustainable product-service system development
  •  To establish a clear understanding of the role and impact of various aspects of engineering and engineering decisions on environmental, societal, and economic problems.

The student will be :-

  • Able to understand the different types of environmental pollution problems and their sustainable solutions.
  • Able to work in the area of sustainability for research and education,
  • Having a broader perspective in thinking for sustainable practices by utilizing the engineering knowledge and principles gained from this course
  •  Basic concepts of sustainable habitat, Green buildings, green materials for building construction, material selection for sustainable design, green building certification
  • Methods for increasing energy efficiency of buildings, Sustainable cities, Sustainable transport, Case studies in sustainable engineering

What for Sustainable habitat?

  • Greenhouse gas emissions and waste generation figures for the rest of the world will rise rapidly as construction increases to meet the needs of a growing population.
  • Our stakeholders expect a lot and increasingly the market is demanding evidence of sustainability