Syllabus for Engineering Mechanics S1&S2 2015-2016

Course No. : BE100
L-T-P-Credits : 3-1-0-4

Course Objectives
1.        To apply the principles of mechanics to practical engineering problems.
2.        To identify appropriate structural system for studying a given problem and isolate it from its environment.
3.        To develop simple mathematical model for engineering problems and carry out static analysis.
4.        To carry out kinematic and kinetic analyses for particles and systems of particles.


Statics: Fundamental concepts and laws of mechanics; Force systems; Principle of moments; Resultant of force and couple systems; Equilibrium of rigid body; Free body diagram; Equilibrium of a rigid body in three dimension; Support reactions; Properties of surfaces and solids - Centroid, Moment of inertia, Polar moment of inertia, Mass moment of inertia, Product of inertia and Principal moment of inertia; Theorems of Pappus – Guldinus; Friction; Principle of virtual work.

Dynamics: Rectangular and cylindrical coordinate system; Combined motion of rotation and translation; Newton’s second law in rectilinear translation; D’ Alembert’s principle; Mechanical vibration; Simple harmonic motion; Spring-mass model.

Expected outcome

1.       Students will be able to apply and demonstrate the concepts of mechanics to practical engineering problems.
2.       Students will be able to determine the properties of planes and solids.

3.       Students will be able to apply fundamental concepts of dynamics to practical problems.

Text Books:

      Shames, I. H., Engineering Mechanics - Statics and Dynamics, Pearson Prentice
  Timoshenko, S. & Young D. H., Engineering Mechanics, McGraw Hill  

References Books:

      Babu, J., Engineering Mechanics, Pearson Prentice Hall
      Beer and Johnson, Vector Mechanics for Engineers - Statics and Dynamics, Tata McGraw Hill Publishing Company Limited
      Benjamin J., Engineering Mechanics, Pentex Book Publishers and Distributors
      Bhavikkatti, S. S., Engineering Mechanics, New Age International Publishers
      Hibbeler, R. C., Engineering Mechanics: Statics and Dynamics. Pearson Prentice Hall
      Kumar, K. L., Engineering Mechanics, Tata McGraw Hill Publishing Company Limited
      Merriam J. L. and Kraige L. G., Engineering Mechanics – Vol. I and II, John Wiley
      Rajasekaran S. and Sankarasubramanian, G., Engineering Mechanics, Vikas Publishing House Private Limited  

      Tayal, A. K., Engineering Mechanics- Statics and Dynamics, Umesh Publications 

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