BE101-02 Introduction to Mechanical Engineering Question Paper

First Semester B-Tech Degree ExaminationModel Question Paper

BE101-02 Introduction to Mechanical Engineering Sciences

Model Question Paper

BE101-02 Introduction to Mechanical Engineering Sciences

Time : 3 Hours Max. Marks : 100

Part – A

(Answer all questions. All questions carry 3 marks each )

1.State Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics and its significance

2.Mention the different types of compressors and their applications.

3.Why are vapour cycles preferred over gas cycles for refrigeration?

4.What is the function of a suspension system in an automobile? List the different types of

suspension systems

5.Differentiate between synthesis and analysis

6.List the different phases in mechanical engineering design

7.Give the main features of BCC and FCC structures

8.Classify manufacturing processes with examples for each class

(8 X 3 = 24 marks)

Part – B

(Answer any 2 question out of 3 from each module)

Module – 1

9.a] What is thermodynamics? ( 2 marks)

b] List the applications of the first law of thermodynamics ( 2 marks )

c]Are heat and work thermodynamic properties? Give reason for your answer ( 2 marks )

10.a]Are there any truly reversible process in nature? If answer is yes, give an example. If answer is

no, then why do we study reversible processes? ( 2 marks )

b] An inventor claims to have developed an engine that works between 400°C and 20°C with an

efficiency of 65%. Is this claim true? Justify your answer. ( 4 marks )

11.a].State the increase of entropy principle. What is its significance? ( 2 marks )

b] Which are the various renewable energy sources ?What are their merits over fossil fuels ?

( 4 marks )

Module – 2

12.a]List 3 landmark events in the history of development of steam engines (3marks)

b]What are turbo machines? Which are the different classes of turbo machines? (3 marks)

13How does a 4-stroke diesel engine work ? Illustrate with the aid of sketches ( 6 marks)

14.a]What is the principle of rocket propulsion (2marks)

b] List any four landmark events in the Indian space programme ( 2marks )

c]Compare solid propellant rockets and liquid propellant rockets. ( 2 marks )

Module – 3

15.a]Explain the scope of refrigeration ( 4 marks )

b]Differentiate between commercial refrigeration and industrial refrigeration (2 marks )

16.a] Give any 3 applications of refrigeration in the chemical and process industry ( 3 marks)

b]Differentiate between refrigeration and air-conditioning ( 3 marks )

17.a] List the main components of an air-conditioning system and their function ( 3 marks)

b] Define dry bulb temperature and wet bulb temperature. When do they become equal?

( 3 marks)

Module – 4

18.a]List any 3 Indian manufacturers of passenger cars and any two models they make ( 3 marks)

b] Give the functions of (i) Clutch (ii) Brake and (iii) Differential in an automobile ( 3 marks)

19.Explain with a block diagram, the layout of an automobile (6 marks )

20.a] Whatis drag and lift of an aeroplane ? ( 2 marks )

b] List the different types of aircraft engines and their applications ( 4 marks )

Module – 5

21.a]Differentiate between machine and mechanism ( 1 mark )

b]Define planar , spherical and spatial mechanisms . Give one example for each ( 6 marks )

22.a]What is meant by mobility of a mechanism? State and explain the Kutzbach criterion for the

mobility of a planar mechanism ( 5 marks )

b]What is meant by mechanical advantage ? ( 2 marks )

23.a]What is the significance of standards and codes inmechanical engineering design? ( 2 marks )

b] What do you understand by factor of safety in Mech Engg Design. What is its significance?

(2 marks)

c] Mention 3 general rulesin engineering design useful for cost reduction ( 3 marks )

Module – 6

24.Which are the different classes of engineering materials? Give 2 significant properties of each

class with examples.( 7 marks )

25.a]List any 4 material testing methods and their application ( 4 marks )

b]Bring out the purpose of heat treatment with the help ofexamples.( 3 marks )

26.a]What is meant by agile manufacturing? List some of the ways by which agile manufacturing

can be achieved. ( 4 marks )

b]List the ways by which environmentally conscious design and manufacturing can be achieved

( 3 marks )



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