B.Tech&M.Tech Examination Postponed

KTU 2015-B.Tech&M.Tech Examination Postponed

End Semester Examination -BTech & MTech-Postponed

Considering the request of the student organization and political parties, the Examination of First Semester B.Tech & M.Tech programs of A P J Abdul Kalam Technological University scheduled from 4th Dec 2015 is postponed. The revised scheduled of examination will be announced later.


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is this true?

Of course, it's ktu official notification

Will it be conducted before 15?

Please dont play with students future ... around 40000 students have been affected by your silly decisions so please consider the emotions of the students before you bring up with a New decision

please dont play with our future ,,,,,,,,,,,,.................
the continues change in examination make us so confusing ..........
we now even didn't get an idea how to study and cover our postions

when will the exame starts

since we are studying the whole 1 sem portion in 3 months we required enough study leave for subjects


Please do not play with students future.
alAllow students to plan & study with gaps in between. Think apt time will be some time on second week of Jan with enough gaps in between exams

Please publish the dates well in advance

Very sorry to say that the government and the political parties will not allow to adopt new technologies. Why these political parties interfere in academic matters? Why postponing of examination for the interest of some minority who are not related with this? Who is against the the new Techonlogical University which brings hope for thousands of students?

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We all parents are confued about the changing schedules of KTU exam!

First I belief this KTU
But now, there is no change !!!

Congratulations KTU. You are playing well. Keep it up. May God bless.

combined exam for 1st and 2nd semester

Do publish the confirmed dates well in advance.We NRIs are having a tough time cancelling and booking tickets because of this changing schedules.

yah you're right my ass!!, this ever changing attitude makes us so confused that we do not know what to believe anymore!!

Government,Medias and other politicians are engaged in thier intresting subject. They do not care about future of engineering students.

plz postponed the exams to january...plz try to understand us...we need time to cover all the portions...for god's sake accept my request...plzz.....

we parents of nri students have a busy time in booking and cancelling the tickets..as it was informed that the exams are postponed ,I have bought my ward to my home country....so plz postponed the exams to january....

pls don't make a 4 year course extend to a 5 year one... pls conduct the exam ktu..

Please try to bring the schedule at the earliest and don't try to delay .When it is being delayed
we are actually feeling fed up with studies.


my request is start exam i thus weak.... do things well

Is the Student Union for the benefit of Students??

Please do publish the revised timetable atleast 5 or 6 days in advance so we could prepare.

The previous practice was to conduct examination for the whole year after two semester. Most students were unable to complete all the ten subjects and Supply starts from there onwards.

This decision is not for the benefit of Students but for the benefit of Employees Union. The political Parties cannot ignore the Unions. The future of the students are only secondary for the political parties.

Combined exam is not for the benefit of students. Studying all the ten subjects is not an easy task.

The delay will result in lengthening of course duration and the benefit of the new technological University will be destroyed. Political interference in academic matters should be stopped. Let the University decide the exam, exam schedule, and manner in which it is to be conducted.


PLZ conduct the exam after december we need more time to cover all the subject

Please publish the revised timetable atleast 5 or 6 days in advance so we could prepare.

After december 2 ,we doesnt studied anything.let the exam be conduct3d on january so that we get enough time to cover the portions

We are eagerly waiting for the newly revised timetable for 1st sem exam.plzz publish as fast as possible...

Plzz postponed the 1st sem exam to january

As parents can we expect to get the time table for btech within this week.Recommend the apt period for this exam to be conducted
is now that starting from 2nd week of Jan 2016.

Firat, all of us thought Ktu is good, exam & all in time etc.. So we can plan something in advance for Holidays. But now it is becoming worser & worser, not even declaring the time ta ble. etc..

I feel KTU is really working at its best. It is the political parties paying the game.. I as very happy to note that everything is going as per the KTU calendar.

Dear politicians kindly don's play with the future of the students.. this is a dirty game planned to discourage the students from taking admission in the state...

i am sure KTU will overcome the unwanted resistance and will function smoothly soon.. Parents and students be patient and let the VC and PVC do their work.. all the best KTU..

Please inform us when will the time table will be published.

Please try to conduct the exam on january. But publish the time table soon

We dont have any problem for conducting exam by new technologies, that is good. But it should be conducted by government and not by some private firms. How can we blindly trust a private firm? Else KTU should ensure credibility of it and inform it to students.But till now I cant find some article at their website for this. Good to hear that the decision have been changed.

Passport offices are now run by TCS. The service has improved a great extent. Nobody has ever doubted the private firm's integrity.


Students from other states are worrying about your decision.Please publish the timetable in advance so that they can reserve the railway tickets as it very peak time

dear ktu
please start the exam after january 4

thats right please start after january 4,after shabarimala season

thats right

please conduct exam after january 4

please publish timetable soon.because Students will celebrate X'mas without having any exam spiirit

The future of students is being dealt with in a very negligent way by the Government. The Government should not have interfered with the mode of conducting examination. Only if any anomalies are found and corruption done by the University the Government should have interfered. The authority of University should not be interfered with by the government in all matters for the sake of publicity and appeasement of Unions.