Btech Updated First Semester Timetable is Ready

KTU First Semester  Exam Timetable

Exam start from January 4-2016



Every change is being opposed without considering the benefits it brings. Every adoption of new technology is always opposed for the benefit of organized sector. The students future is not a concern for the authorities. New technology adopted by the university is abandoned in view of protest from the political parties. The result will be delayed. Who cares ?

Hall Ticket- S1 BTech Exam- Jan 2016
Students may please contact the Principal for Hall Ticket of the S1 BTech Examination scheduled from 4 Jan 2016.

Kerala Technical Education sector is always controlled and dictated by Education lobbies out side Kerala. Self Financing Colleges in Kerala was allowed only after very long time. Thereafter every year admission to Technical Institution is being delayed and commences only after admissions to technical education institution in neighboring states is over. neighboring states have got technical universities which manage and conduct technical institutions there. Now in Kerala also a Technical University is being setup. Now it is being put to jeopardy. Those who try to destroy the projects of KTU is becoming hands of Education lobbies in neighboring states.

will there be supplimentary exams?