First & Third Semester B.Tech Examinations Postponed

ktu exam postponed APJ Abdul Kalam Technological University new timetable publish soon

The Executive Committee meeting held on 1st December 2016 has decided to postpone First Semester and Third Semester B.Tech Examinations scheduled to begin on 2-12-2016. The revised dates will be announced later. The first and third semester M.Tech, first semester MCA (Regular, Lateral Entry and Integrated), first semester B.Arch, first semester M.Arch, first semester M.Plan, first Trimester MBA (Supplementary) and Fourth Trimester MBA examinations will be conducted as per schedule.
Ktu new exam timetable publish soon

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When will the exam starts then????

Are they stupid or what ?
They talk about rules and regulations and then they do this
Man KTU is such a terrible university

keep visit our site we will notify here

Will all exams postponed?????

I have the same doubt.

When will the exam starts then??

when wil the xam starts?will gap between dates also reduce?when u hav changed u must also publish the dates.

When Will The Exam start...?😁

Tell our confirmed exam schedule as soon as possible

Eda exam maatiyene aarkkada ithra ethirpp

Korach pavangalond othiri valya bhudhiyillathavar

Njangal korachhodi padich onn just pass enkilum aavatte

Suplly ollavarum ond
Dhayavayi ingane valya varthanangal parayaruth

Vaa adachirunnoluka

Oru kochappu

Nee okke eth dhurandhama


When Will The Exam start...?😁

Ninakkoke nalla prakku kittum

Nee yonnum nannavoola orikkalum

Exam maativechathin avante okke oru parathi

Koppile k9chappu

Kochappu njangale polukavar padichu pokotada mone....KTU ..please extent the date of exam with sufficient study leaves please...and especially the gaps between exams...please

Such an irresponsible way of conducting exams,,,all these days we were preparing for the exam ..and we hoped to celebrate christmas and new year. But now its all ruined ,,just because KTU 's innefectiveness,this is the second time...cant tolerate this

Then dont ask us to submitt every works on time .U cant even conduct an exam on time .

Please confirm that only 2nd December exam has been postponed or entire 1st and 3rd semester exams are postponed

It is said that exams which was supposed to begin at 2nd December is postponed. So all the exams should have been postponed

Please give an answer as soon as possible, whether this circular is for the first exam/ for the entire exam.

Its a good decision .last term also exam postponed.Is it only for 02/11/16 exam and the rest of the other exam ??

When I came to join the KTU,i thought that the new university will atleast be somewhat responsible towards the students.KTU is repeating the same irresponsible work now for the second time.I was planning to go to home after a long gap without seeing my parents and relatives.All my hope and joy has been ruined.Thanks a lot for doing such a wonderful deed....��
Now kindly for the sake of God,please follow the regular curriculum.


Bar code error in question paper is the reason for postpone

We are not lab rats to be tested on every semester please be responsible at least once .This university is not at all student friendly.Postponing xams for stupid reasons and making dem even more tougher at the end :-t

Non availability of the currency may be reason ???

when will be the s1 new time table publish?

what's happening.....please publish the date of exams.....why r u not responsible.........

will there be gaps between exams why r u not giving us adequate information

supply examum s3 examum orumichayathinal supply examinu apply cheyan pattiyila.athukond enni apply cheyan sathikumo

The exam was postponed because KTU was forced to do so because of political pressure, probably from the office of the Education Minister - even though KTU made all the required arrangements to conduct the examinations in time. People with vested interests are trying to sabotage a a system that is working efficiently with the support of modern technology. The government very well knew the date of the start of the examination, many months back. The second semester examinations were conducted using the online process. After all these, why this last minute postponement, creating so much confusion in the minds of so many students who are ready for the examinations. With this uncertainty we all will tend to relax and forget all that we learned thus far. Banks, trains, airlines, aadhar project and even election process are running on software that is developed by private companies - but then, why can't people trust software that is developed for KTU by private agencies under the leadership of KELTRON? If the QP is to be printed in some press, how can they be trusted to maintain confidentiality? It is very sad that such positive initiatives are being choked to death by people with vested interests.

1.Exam eppo thudangum?
2.Ithil oru decision edutho?
3.Ethra dhivasam munp exam date ariyikkum?

ellam mattiyo?

ella examsum mattiyo?

y ktu u r doing such to these students who r far from their homes studying really hard to suceed in their future....
it's 2nd time .... plz it's an humble request from all of us to conduct before holidays with 2 or 3 gaps in between... de xams....

can you please tell whether this circular is for all s1 exams?(ie. for all subjects?)

do we have exams on that all the exams are changed?

I thought the kind of dates ktu had for everything was a mark of punctuality. But trust me .. the postponed notice broke my heart. There are people who were planning to meet their parents far away from them during the vacation ..but alas that isnt possible because of this stupid circular. Very bad impression ktu. I had expected too much from this university. If this was to give timing for people who are having supple.. this is kinda the third exam they are going to write on the same paper. And if still they couldn't make it up with the supllementary exams .. how can giving much time.. do?

Do we have exams on monday?
Do anyone have any idea

Guys ella examsum maatteettille? Please reply��

no idea dude

Next time please try to conduct it before the holidays

ellaam maatiyittund,download and read circular

i cannot apply the supply exam. then what will do???

when will exam start

there will not be vacations

it is bad for ktu to take this decision

as per deccan chronicle news the exams are scheduled to be on January is because to avoid question paper leakage while uploading .they have decided to use prnted question papers

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when will the exams start?

will the exams be before christmas??will the vacation be ruined?

ee exam okke new year kazhinjj nadathiya pore onnu trip adikkan aayirunnu...

please give the model question paper in s3

Together arrangement of s1 regular examination and s1 supplementary examination is complainte by student to vc.thats is the reason for Postponed

nale examundo?

after xmas

endhayalum xam xmas mumbe mathi athu avumbol vacation tensionilathe adichu polikam

when will u peoples declare the dates of the exam ??? Is the exam will conduct after the X-mas????? If u didn't decided the dates yet then plz make it after the Jan. 2 nd

when will u publish re exam time table

Please postpone to January
There are many NRI students have booked tickets to meet their parents
Have mercy on us


After exams plzz give at least 2-3weeks of holiday students who are settled in other states also want to see there parents and want to go home .

exam on dec 13

Please change this date after Xmas it is better for xams ...please I beg u ktu

January madhi xam please.......

PLZ just set the exam date to January....

Please conduct the exams on January.

It is highly irresponsible of KTU to make unfeasible timetable for 1st and 3rd Sementer. It is even more unacceptable that an organization like KTU realized their mistake only in the last minute.
Again the new timetable has failed to give enough time for the students to study as they are forced to write exams everyday.
We, NRI parents has been longingly waiting to see our kids. As you are aware , during school holidays the ticket prices are sky high and the tickets were booked well in advance based on the KTU academic calendar / timetable given to us earlier.
Due to rescheduling of exams we are unable to get tickets/ quality time with our kids and also we are incurring heavy financial loss due to cancellation.
Because of this delay, the students are forced to start their next semester classes without any break. And NRI parents cannot see them or renew their visas until he finishes his studies.
We were under the impression that the new university like KTU would have addressed these concerns in a better fashion as the exam schedule is going to happen in each semester.
We are very disappointed on this whole issue.

i want to say just only one thing if ktu team moves like this then the university become the worst

please exam januaryilaku please ktu please ....-a request frm all the students plsss

dec secondil ninne exm pospon cheythapol njangal kuttikal karuthy adutha date jan aayirikumenne ,so we relaxed but this sudden time table broken our,Respected ktu we students humbly request to please pospon the exam to january for a good result plsss.we all r waiting 4 ur announcement that exam is postponed. pls accept our request plssss.....

please please ktu pls postpon the exm to january.nammal kuttikalude manasikavastha onnu manasilaku ,thakarkaruthe nammalle pls onnu matti januaryil aaku plsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss.....................

Please understand our feelings. Why you all behave cruelty towards the students ,so kindly accept our request and please postpone the exam to january