KTU ME210 Metallurgy and Materials Engineering MME Notes : Module 5 & 6

ME210 Metallurgy and Materials Engineering MME Note

Module 5 and 6


Module 5
Fatigue:- Stress cycles– Primary and secondary stress raisers- Characteristics of fatigue failure, fatigue tests,S-N curve.
Factors affecting fatigue strength: stress concentration, size effect, surface roughness, change in surface properties,surface residual stress
Ways to improve fatigue life– effect of temperature on fatigue, thermal fatigue and its applications in metal cutting
Fracture:– Brittle and ductile fracture– Griffith theory of brittle fracture– Stress concentration, stress raiser– Effect of plastic deformation on crack propagation
transgranular, intergranular fracture- Effect of impact loading on ductile material and its application in forging, applications- Mechanism of fatigue failure.
Structural features of fatigue: - crack initiation, growth,propagation - Fracture toughness (definition only) - Ductile to brittle transition temperature (DBTT) in steels and structural changes during DBTT, applications.

Module 6
Creep: - Creep curves – creep tests - Structural change:-
deformation by slip, sub-grain formation, grain boundary sliding
Mechanism of creep deformation - threshold for creep,prevention against creep - Super plasticity: need and applications
Composites:- Need of development of composites -
geometrical and spatial Characteristics of particles –
classification - fiber phase: - characteristics, classifications -
matrix phase:- functions – only need and characteristics of
PMC, MMC, and CMC – applications of composites:
aircraft applications, aerospace equipment and instrument structure, industrial applications of composites, marine applications, composites in the sporting goods industry,composite biomaterials..
Modern engineering materials: - only fundamentals, need,properties and applications of, intermetallics, maraging steel, super alloys, Titanium – introduction to nuclear materials, smart materials and bio materials.
Ceramics:-coordination number and radius ratios- AX,AmXp, AmBmXp type structures – applications.

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