S6 Full Syllabus Applied Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering

KTU B.Tech Applied Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering Sixth Semester Full Subjects Credit, Slot and  Syllabus Download Link is Given Below.
Subject Credit
AE302 Process Control 4 A
AE304 Industrial Instrumentation 3 B
AE306 Digital Signal Processing 3 C
AE312 Power Electronics 3 D
AE308 Advanced Microprocessors 3 E
AE332 Process Control Lab 1 S
AE334 Power Electronics Lab 1 T
AE352 Comprehensive Exam 2 U
EC360 Soft Computing-Elective 3 F
AE362 Industrial Psychology-Elective 3 F
AE364 MEMS/NEMS-Elective 3 F
AE366 Embedded System Design-Elective 3 F
AE368 Plastic Engineering-Elective 3 F