S6 Full Syllabus for Chemical Engineering

KTU B.Tech AChemical Engineering Sixth Semester Full Subjects Credit, Slot and  Syllabus Download Link is Given Below.
Subject Credit
CH302 Process dynamics and control 4 A
CH304 Inorganic chemical technology 3 B
CH306 Mass transfer operations-II 3 C
CH308 Chemical Reaction Engineering-II 3 D
CH312 Chemical engineering design-I 3 E
CH332 Mass transfer operations lab 1 S
CH334 Programming and process simulation lab 1 T
CH352 Comprehensive Exam 2 U
CH362 Non-Conventional Petroleum Resources-Elective 3 F
CH364 Bioprocess Engineering-Elective 3 F
CH366 Corrosion Engineering-Elective 3 F
CH368 Computational Fluid Dynamics-Elective 3 F
CH372 Catalyst Science and Catalytic Processes-Elective 3 F
CH374 Process Design for Pollution Control-Elective 3 F