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Course Registration of S2-S4-S6 Now Started | How to Register?

ktu registration
APJ Abdul Kalam Technological University Kerala B.Tech Even Semesters S2, S4, S6 are Directed to Register for the Courses in the KTU e-Governance Portal.

Last date for Course registration: 12-01-18
  • Course registration is NOT the same as Exam Registration. Course registration has to be done only for the courses in which you are attending the classes currently.
  • If you having "course repeat" status in any of the previous even-semester course, contact respective Tutor for advise before the submission.
  • College will be able to submit your attendance/internals only if course registration is completed
  • For higher semester students, previous even-semester ineligible courses will be also available in list.
  • Credits of courses chosen cannot exceed 28 for B.Tech and 24 for M.Tech.
  • Higher semester students are advised to choose elective courses as per the instruction from department with extra care.

How to Register?

  1. Go to KTU Student Login Portal Click Here
  2. Login to Your Account Using User Name and Password.
  3. Click On "Course/Semester Exam Registration".
  4. Then Click On "Register New Courses" button followed by "Academic Year: 2017-2018 Semester:**. (**=S2,S4,S6).
  5. Then Tick the subjects and Save,after confirmation click on Submit button.
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Solution Method | No record found of Revaluation Result- B.Tech S2-S4 Exam 2016-17

KTU result solution
KTU B.Tech Revaluation Result S2-S4 Examinations 2016-17 Results are Shown No record found website.Here we Explain a Solution of this Problem .Try This.
  1. Go to KTU e-Gov Portal [in Desktop Mode]-Click Here .
  2. Login to your Student Portal by Using User name and Password.
  3. Click on Upper Tab Second Button "Exam".
  4. Then Select Academic Year as "2016-17".
  5. Then Select "Revaluation Grade" corresponding of "B.Tech S4 Examination 2016-17" and "B.Tech S2 Examination 2016-17"
  6. Check your Result.
You Have any Problem..Comment Below Please 
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Revaluation Result Published- B.Tech S4 Examination 2016-17 (S4 Result)

ktu s2 revaluation result
APJ Abdul Kalam Technological University KTU B.Tech Fourth Semester-S4 Examination 2016-17 Revaluation Result Published.
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Revaluation Result- B.Tech S2 Examination 2016-17 (S2 Result)

ktu s4 revaluation result
APJ Abdul Kalam Technological University KTU B.Tech Second Semester-S2 Examination 2016-17 Revaluation Result Published.
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Results Declaration Date | KTU B.Tech Odd Semesters S1-S3-S5 Examination Dec-2017

ktu result date
APJ Abdul Kalam Technological University (KTU) B.Tech S1, S3, S5 Odd Semesters Regular Examination December 2017 Results are To be Published on February 9th 2018 (09/02/2018).

*This Information Provided on the Basis of KTU Academic Calendar 2017-18 .
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Re Examination of EC 303 Applied Electro Magnetic Theory (S5 BTech)

re exam
The Fifth semester B.Tech Examination of Electronics & Communication Engg for the paper EC 303 Applied Electro Magnetic Theory held on 06-12-2017 has been cancelled and re exam will be held on 20-12-2017 (9:30 am to 12:30pm).
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KTU- e Governance System- An overview |

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A P J Abdul Kalam Technological University which was constituted in 2015 has consciously decided to ensure that e-Governance backed by innovation and application of technology will constitute the basis of enabling the functioning of the University. University at that time couldn’t find a suitable or similar IT environment in other Universities to emulate and end up venturing into its own path of establishing such a system. University has decided to ensure that the solution will be in open source, custom built, integrated, intelligent and owned by University.
The goals established for the system was to ensure the speed of service delivery, ease of use, transparency and best use of technology. The solution was envisioned with core characteristics like data integration and consistency, scalability and end to end digital data. University was aware that such a system can only evolve through years hence took an approach of building and enhancing the system on a step by step basis.
University could establish portion of e-Governance system from day one of University operation and was able to conduct all student registrations, examinations, affiliations and all other core activities through the system. The system has been under addition and enhancements since then. This system has helped the University apart from bringing accountability and transparency, some unique achievements with respect to publishing of examination results. For example, first semester results was published within 31 days of completion of examination which was a record among Universities in Kerala.

app ktu
University is in process of establishing an integrated and intelligent next generation e-Governance ecosystem. Above picture shows the planned environment which is currently under various stages of life cycle.
All the core applications and integrated file management systems are already in production. ERP application, development of common framework are in development and/or implementation phases.
The complete ecosystem is planned on open source platform and mostly custom built. The University adopted continuous e-governance development approach to ensure the activities are not hindered while waiting for full system to be in place. 
app ktu
KTU e-governance platform provides unique set of capabilities and features which helps the University immensely. Some of the major benefits include :
  • Improve and effective services to all stakeholders, including students, faculty and management.
  • Transparency and accountability in University functions and decision making .
  • Rule based information for error free and consistent decisions.
  • Digital transformation in cash transactions, exam result processing, course handling, and student life cycle.
  • End to end service maturity resulting in capture and storage of digital data, which could be used for future decision making and policy formations.
At KTU, e-governance is its core foundation and forms the platform for all its activities and is recognized as one of its major strengths.
app ktu
Each University stakeholders have their own unique secure access. System can be accessed through the web portal, call center or email.
System call center provides key interface for stakeholders to address system related issues on a timely fashion.
University has established separate production and user acceptance testing environment. This has helped to segregate development ecosystem from production which has in turn helped to ensure confidentiality of production environment and its information. 
Close working of operation support, software development and system management groups ensure time bound software enhancement mechanism. This forms the base for maintaining the vitality of the system on continuous fashion.
app ktu
Correspondence wit the stackeholders including students,faculty members and college authorities are only through official emails.
Automated file flow system helps to establish a paperless office in all file handling activities. University has established automated file flow system from its initial days of operation itself so that all files in University remains digital. 
The file flow system hosted in State Data Centre is accessible over internet and is available for all University officials. All correspondences will be scanned and uploaded to the system. Routing of files are done automatically. 
System has helped to ensure faster decision making, accountability of any document uploaded to the system and faster internal circulation within the system . This helps to ensure that all the files are trackable with relative easiness. 
All file activities are recorded through the log facility and this can be audited. All order or documents generated by the system contains unique order number as well as 2D bar IQR code. This helps the faster recovery of documents. 
The system also has meeting management module which helps to organize meeting at University level and record minutes which remains accessible forever.
app ktu
The affiliation process and its renewals are done through the online affiliation module.The documents are uploaded with the application.A hard copy of the bond executed should be sent through post.The affiliation approval gives the information as the courses and intake which forms the vital information for the remaining modules.
Affiliation Module automates the full affiliation process of colleges with University.
Affiliation application : Interested colleges, can submit completed affiliation application along with all required documents through e-Governance portal which is accessible over internet. Colleges have provision to submit necessary fees through this portal. 
Expert visiting Committee(EVC) management : System automatically generate report as required by EVC based on documents and information submitted by Colleges through online application.
Schedules EVC visit and results will be uploaded to the system. This along with AICTE information and other required information forms basis for University to make decision on affiliation application. Once decision is made, the result will be available on e-Governance portal under concerned college login for their access. 
Affiliation renewal process also forms part of affiliation module and works completely automated.
app ktu
  • In each semester,a student register for the course and semester examination,from their unique portal login.Faculty/Adviser/Principal approves the registration through the system.
  • All student information entered by students through online,are verified by Faculty/Adviser/Principal.
app ktu
app ktu
Highlights : 
  • Time tested, secure and effective online question paper module. 
  • Examination conduct module handles conducting of exam and distribution of answer sheets to valuation camps in effective manner. 
  • Fully automated result processing module which ensures faster and reliable results
app ktu
app ktu
app ktu
app ktu
app ktu
app ktu
University’s server management had clearly separated access of development team from production environment. Production access is limited only to the University officials. 
All the production servers including e-governance application, file flow application, web servers and UAT Servers are hosted in State Data Centre(SDC) of Kerala IT mission. All server requirements are met through state data center cloud server services. This helps the University to provide a highly secured and protected server environment. 
University doesn’t posses any physical server in its premises. This provides huge cost saving by avoiding procurement of server hardware, running cost and its maintenance. 
The Disaster Recovery (DR) server ensures zero downtime during any unforeseen disaster situations. Disaster Recovery (DR) environment of the University is at NIC Data Centre under the Department of IT, Government of India.
app ktu
IT support and operational teams form core pillars for sustaining the functional flow and addressing various grievances of stakeholders. The team operated from University premise is accessible through various channels by stakeholders. Once a problem is reported, the team does initial assessment and assign the issue either to the concerned University department official or to the technical support team for technical investigation. After analysis, its is ensured that the concerned stakeholder is properly updated with status or outcome of the issue/concern. 
University is in the process of implementing advanced Interactive Voice Response(IVR) technology supported with automated issue tracking system enabling the stakeholders to reach out to the University IT support team. Both these technologies enable University to record and track the concerns of stakeholders. This will ensure timely updates and leads to accurate resolution of the issues raised by the stakeholders. This also helps the University to analyze the issues more accurately . Any trends and larger issues which can be understood by analyzing the reports will help University to address them more systematically.
app ktu
Technology enabled Lean University 
Effective use of technology and consistent perseverance to limit resource leakage has helped KTU to create an effective and resilient environment. The result are very productive and cost effective:
Highlights : 
  • Lean office with much less number( fraction of conventional universities of officers compared to traditional University 
  • Consistently improving record on ensuring time bound completion of University activities 
  • Much improved quality record compared to others 
  • Maintaining and enhancing complex e-Governance eco system using zero hardware procurement and using Kerala State IT Mission cloud services. 
  • Continuous effort to improve the system to stay ahead of curve
APJ Abdul Kalam Technological University, CET Campus, Thiruvananthapuram
Kerala-695 016
Phone: 0471-2593120, 2593128
app ktu
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Readmission and Rejoining Applications Invited | Even Semester January 2018 in KTU | Circular

KTU admission
  • Sub:- APJAKTU - Even Semester January 2018 - Readmission from other Universities and Rejoining of discontinued students - Applications invited.
  • Ref :- University Ordinances for the respective Programmes and the Norms for readmission from other Universities.
Applications are invited from eligible students who are desirous of seeking re-admission and rejoining to various Programmes as specified in the schedule of activity appended herewith, strictly conforming to the rules / norms in this regard.
The students seeking re-admission / rejoining should submit their applications through the Principals of Institutions concerned, within the time limit prescribed. The Principals will scrutinise the applications and recommend the eligible cases by submission through the portal enclosing all related documents. The norms for re-admission is also appended to this circular for ready reference.
Belated applications or those submitted directly to the University will not be considered under any circumstance.
ktu admission circular
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Remuneration of Examinations | KTU Circular

ktu exam circular
This is to inform all concerned that the disbursement of TA/DA, remuneration for all examinations conducted by the University till its inception EXCEPT the following HAS BEEN COMPLETED:
  1. B.Tech/B.Arch S1, S2, S3, S4 supplementary examinations held in June-July 2017.
  2. B.Tech revaluation of 2016-17.
Steps are being taken to disburse the above by the end of this month.
Few payments which have been disbursed could not be effected due to wrong bank account details (bank account No. and IFS code). The list of such non-successful payments has been sent by mail to all Principals. All concerned are hereby requested to rectify the defects of their bank accounts in the KTU portal at the earliest.
exams ktu
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ktu app new version 2.5 ktustudents app


★ UI Improvements and Bug Fixes.
★ Well Oriented And Semi Tabular Information About The New Credit System Allocated By The University.
★ Support for Android 8.0 Oreo.
★ Modified SGPA and CGPA Calculator.
★ Improvements for Reliability and Speed.
★ More Study Materials Added.
★Whatsapp Groups Conditions for Group Members.
★ Syllabus oriented notes and materials.
★ Easy to access and use.
★ Offline syllabus and academic calendar.
★ Initially full-swing access for the core branches.
★ Materials and stuffs regarding other novel branches are under development and in
inspection stage, which will be published for the student aspirants soon.
★ Instant notification.
★ Aesthetic Appearance for stress free usage.
★ User-friendly interface for increased user experience and viability.
★ Enhanced layout for ease of access.
★ One Tap sharing of different contents.
★ Instant connection with official Ktu website and website.
★ Aided with student representative network of over 111 colleges.
★ Endorsing professionalism culture to all users.
★ include SGPA and CGPA calculator.
★ introduced student corner for more productivity.
★ updated notification system to eliminate chance of missing.
★ instant contact options.
★ Whatsapp group links to take learning to digital mode.
★ KTU Book Store.
★ KTU E-Gov LogIn Portal.
★ Engineering College List Affiliated with KTU.
★ Equipped With Offline Instructions Regarding KTU College Transfer.
★ Well Oriented And Semi Tabular Information About The New Credit System Allocated By The University.
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ktu techfest


The Kerala Technological Congress 2018(KETCON 2018) is an initiative of the Centre for Engineering Research and Development (CERD), the research arm of KTU, to provide a platform to the students, academia and the practicing professionals in engineering and technology to discuss and exchange their ideas and research experience for the benefit of the society. Also, the event envisages to foster inter-institutional relationship for strengthening technological research in the engineering colleges in Kerala.

Sahrdaya College of Engineering & Technology is one of the most prestigious and preferred institution of Kerala . The environment in Sahrdaya paves way for an ideal learning ambience providing exposure to different cultures and perspectives for fruitful and meaningful interactions.
APJ Abdul Kalam Technological University (initially Kerala Technological University),a State Government University has come into existence on May 21, 2014 with an aim to give leadership to the technology related policy formulation and Engineering Planning for the State.
The Kerala State Council for Science, Technology and Environment (KSCSTE) is an autonomous body under the ministry of S&T, Kerala, constituted in November 2002 to be an agency for change and development through science and technology.

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It has come to the notice of the undersigned that some news channels and media are spreading false news that no decision has been taken by the university regarding the year out issue so far. This information is false and is only to create unrest among student community. The following is the decision taken with respect to the year out issue in the presence of Hon’ble Minister for Education (Pro Chancellor, KTU).
Necessary notifications in this regard will be issued by the University in due course of Time. There is no need for any apprehension or concern in this regard.
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M.Tech S1,S2,S3, M.Arch S1, S3 & MCA S1 S3 Exam Dec 2017 - Time Schedule Published

M.Tech S1,S2,S3, M.Arch S1, S3 & MCA S1 S3 Exam Dec 2017 - Time schedule published
M.Tech S1,S2,S3, M.Arch S1, S3 & MCA S1 S3 Exam Dec 2017 - Time schedule is published herewith. Detailed Time Table will be published soon.
M.Tech S1,S2,S3, M.Arch S1, S3 & MCA S1 S3 Exam Dec 2017 - Time schedule

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List of Eligible Students | Refund of Revaluation Fee

ktu refund
It is hereby notified that the students who have secured more than 15% mark variation on revaluation of the examinations listed below are eligible to get refund of their revaluation fee of Rs.600/- per paper (Rupees Six Hundred Only). The list of eligible students are published below.They are directed to collect the same from the Principal of the college concerned after 23/11/2017. Exams: B.Tech S1 Exam Jan 2016 B.Tech S2 Exam May 2016, B.Tech S1 Supplementary Exam 2015-16, B.Tech S2 Supplementary Exam 2015-16, S1,S2 B.Tech Special.Supplementary Exam Aug/Sep 2016.

List of Students Eligible for Refund
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Order for Refund of Fee for Revaluation

1. Order of even No. dated 23.07.2016. 
2. Minutes of the Sixth meeting of the Executive Committee held on 15.03.2016 (vide No. EC 006 - 006) 
In the order read as 1. above, it was ordered that the fee for revaluation will be refunded to the student if the difference in marks obtained after revaluation is more than 15 percent, by adjustment in the next fee payment for the examination or any other fees to be paid. But this could not be implemented until now due to various reasons.

Therefore, in partial modification to the said order, it is hereby ordered that if the difference in marks obtained through revaluation is more than 15 % of the marks secured earlier, the entire fee for revaluation, which is presently Rs. 600/- (Rupees Six Hundred Only) per paper will be reimbursed to the student(s) through the Institution concerned under intimation to the student. Further, penalty will be imposed to those teachers who commit omissions and mistakes in the valuation of answer books as being followed in other Universities in Kerala.

The Examination and Finance Branches of the University will jointly work out modalities for implementing the above in a time-bound manner.
The order read as 1. above stands modified to this extent
Download official notice:
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How to Apply for Revaluation of Answer​ ​Papers ? | Video Tutorial

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ktu youtube channel

This video tutorial shows how to apply for Re-Valuation of answer​ ​papers in ktu through ktu student e-gov login portal .how to register revaluation in ktu portal? 
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KTU B.Tech Credit Norms Scaled Back | Meeting Decisions

KTU Meeting, KTU Official Announcements, KTU notification, Students info, KTU Student Organisations, KTU Student Union, KTU Credit system, KTU Credit, Ktu year out,
A. P. J.Abdul Kalam Technological University (KTU) on Wednesday (08/11/2017) decided to scale back the norms for the controversial ‘year out’ system for admission to higher semesters of the B.Tech. course.The decisions were taken at a meeting between varsity officials and student representatives chaired by Education Minister C. Ravindranath.

➥Currently, candidates should have 26 credits for semesters 1 and 2 in order to move from semester three to four.
Now it has been decided that candidates can move freely to semester 4 and that only for promotion to semester 5 would the 26-credit rule be applied.

➥Similarly, the provision that those moving from semester 5 to 6 should have 71 credits has also been modified.
It was agreed that students could move freely from semester 5 to 6. For moving to semester 7 students should have scored 52 credits. It was also decided at the meeting that the ‘year out’ system would be frozen for six months.
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Revaluation Request is Open-B.Tech S1,S2 and B.Tech S3,S4 Supplementary Examinations

Candidates who desire to apply for Re-Valuation of answer​ ​papers of B.Tech S1,S2 and B.Tech S3,S4 Supplementary Examinations 2016-17 are directed to register for the same in the KTU portal from ​09.​11​.2017 to ​13.11.2017 by paying the requisite fee in the College office concerned.
Candidates who desire to apply for Re-Valuation of answer​ ​papers of B.Tech S1,S2 and B.Tech S3,S4 Supplementary Examinations 2016-17 are directed to register for the same in the KTU portal from ​09.​11​.2017 to ​13.11.2017 by paying the requisite fee in the College office concerned. Submission of data from the college to the University is ​15.11.2017, Wednesday. Fee for Re-Valuation of answer​ ​paper - Rs 600/- per paper​.​
Login to KTU Portal:CLICK HERE
How to Register:CLICK HERE
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Meeting with the student organizations shifted to Conference Hall of Annexe II, Govt. Secretariat at 02.30 p.m and to be chaired by Hon'ble Minister for Education

Meeting with the student organizations shifted to Conference Hall of Annexe II, Govt. Secretariat at 02.30 p.m and to be chaired by Hon'ble Minister for Education
This is to inform all concerned that the meeting with the student organizations scheduled at 11 am on 8th November at KTU office will now be held in the Conference Hall of Annexe II, Govt. Secretariat at 02.30 p.m. on the same day. The Hon'ble Minister for Education will chair the meeting. The student organizations are hereby requested to send the names of representatives who will be participating in the meeting (only two representatives) to the e-mail id: before 11.00 a.m. on 08.11.2017.
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VC's Meeting with Student Organisations on Nov 8

Meeting with Student Organisations on Nov 8
The Vice Chancellor is convening a meeting with the students organisations to discuss the academics matters on 8/11/2017, Wednesday at 11 am at the KTU Office, Trivandrum (Two representatives from each students organisation can participate in the meeting).
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