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Registration of Students for Even Semesters - Reopening of Portal for Completing the Process

Sub:- APJAKTU - Registration of Students for Even Semesters - Reopening of Portal for Completing the Process - Intimation - Reg.
ktu sem registration reopen

It has come to the notice of the University that nearly half of the Institutions were unable to complete the process of student registration for even semesters within the stipulated time-limit of 19,01.2018. The University is also in receipt of requests from Institutions to enable them complete the process.
                      Considering the same it is hereby informed that the portal for student registration will be open from 26 February 2018 to 03 March 2018. The Institutions are requested to make a systematic, earnest effort to complete the process within the said time-frame so that last minute rush and inconvenience on account of heavy network traffic are avoided.

👉Semester Registration in KTU ? | Video Tutorial
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KTU Revaluation Result Published | B.Tech S3,S4 Supplementary Examination 2016-17

KTU S3,S4 Supplementary revaluation results of Bachelor of Technology (BTech) examinations held on Julay 2017 have been released on the official website of KTU e-Gov Login Portal. KTU BTech results can be accessed from the official website,
How to Check Results:

  1. Go to KTU e-Gov Portal [in Desktop Mode]-CLICK HERE
  2. Login to your Student Portal by Using User name and Password.
  3. Click on Upper Tab Second Button "Exam".
  4. Then Select Academic Year as "2016-17".
  5. Then Select "Revaluation Grade" corresponding of "B.Tech S3,S4 Examination 2016-17".
  6. Check your Result.

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Extension of Summer Course to Higher Semesters -New KTU B.Tech Official Clarification

Subject:B.Tech Programme - Extension of Summer Course to Higher Semesters - Clarification - Circular issued.
Sub:- APJAKTU - Summer Course for students of B.Tech - Clarification - Issuing of: Ref :- 1. B.Tech Ordinance. 2. Govt. letter No. J2/325/2017-HEDN dated 02/02/2018

                                  As per B.Tech Ordinance of the University, students who could not earn the required minimum credits at the end of the second or fourth semester have two options to continue with the studies. They may either register again for the courses, when they are offered in the next academic year or attend summer courses in failed courses and write the final examination.
                                  Now, requests are being received on various grounds to conduct summer courses to B.Tech students of fifth semester onwards also.
                   In view of this it is clarified that for higher semesters, i.e., fifth semester onwards, summer courses are not offered as per the prevailing regulation. Failed students who have less than 45% marks in internal assessments and / or less than 75% attendance have to register again for the course in the regular semester in which it is offered and complete the course as per the regulations and appear for the end semester examination.
*Download Notice.pdf
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B.Tech S1 Exam, Dec 2017 - Answer Book Copy Request is Open

Candidates who desire to apply for copy of answer scripts are directed to register for the same in the KTU portal from 19.02.2018 (Mon) to 22.02.2018 (Thu) by remitting the requisite fee of Rs 500/- per Answer book through the College office concerned. Submission of data and Payment to University from the colleges is on or before 24.02.2018, Saturday.(Download Notification.pdf).

           It is hereby notified that the results of the B.Tech Regular S1 Degree examinations,Dec 2017 are published on 16/02/2018. The detailed results are available in the University website .
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    B.Tech S1 Examination Dec 2017 (S1 Result) Published

    APJ Abdul Kalam Technological University First Semester December 2017 Examination Result Published.

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    Refund of Tuition Fee Paid for Students Quit B.Tech Course | Government Order

    ktu tuition fee refund government order
    Sub:- KEAM 2017 - Students who quit B.Tech course on admission to Nursing / Paramedical Courses & Other courses due to shortage of credits for transfer to higher semesters - Exemption from payment of liquidated damages and Refund of tuition fee paid - Government Orders - Communicating of.
    The Government vide the Order cited first above has exempted the students of B.Tech in Government / Aided / Government controlled self financing colleges who obtained TC after 15.08.2017 for joining Nursing / Para-medical courses from payment of liquidated damages. It has also been ordered that the tuition fee paid by such students will be refunded.
    Government vide the Order read 2nd above has issued guidelines for the return of TC and waiver of liquidated damages in the case of students whoi discontinue their studies for want of credits required for registering in higher semesters.
    The Principals concerned are requested to comply with the above directions. Copies of the G.O.s are attached for ready reference.

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    Course Registration of S2-S4-S6 Now Started | How to Register?

    ktu registration
    APJ Abdul Kalam Technological University Kerala B.Tech Even Semesters S2, S4, S6 are Directed to Register for the Courses in the KTU e-Governance Portal.

    Last date for Course registration: 12-01-18
    • Course registration is NOT the same as Exam Registration. Course registration has to be done only for the courses in which you are attending the classes currently.
    • If you having "course repeat" status in any of the previous even-semester course, contact respective Tutor for advise before the submission.
    • College will be able to submit your attendance/internals only if course registration is completed
    • For higher semester students, previous even-semester ineligible courses will be also available in list.
    • Credits of courses chosen cannot exceed 28 for B.Tech and 24 for M.Tech.
    • Higher semester students are advised to choose elective courses as per the instruction from department with extra care.

    How to Register?

    1. Go to KTU Student Login Portal Click Here
    2. Login to Your Account Using User Name and Password.
    3. Click On "Course/Semester Exam Registration".
    4. Then Click On "Register New Courses" button followed by "Academic Year: 2017-2018 Semester:**. (**=S2,S4,S6).
    5. Then Tick the subjects and Save,after confirmation click on Submit button.
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