KTU B.tech Students Handbook

Handbook for Be.Tech Students 2015-16

(Student Helper)

Kerala Technological University (KTU) welcomes you to its fold where you plan to do your B.Tech degree in the branch of specialization to which you have been admitted. As a new University KTU has initiated major changes in the academic regulations and curriculum for the B.Tech degree.  Full details of these are available at the KTU Website. In order to appreciate these changes and to make them simple enough to understand,  all the important issues related to your study at KTU are listed in this booklet.

B.Tech Programme is a credit based programme having a normal duration of four academic years, spanning eight semesters. The maximum duration for a student to complete the programme is six academic years spanning twelve semesters .On meeting specific conditions, a student can get a B.Tech (Honours) Degree

B. Tech Programme Structure

i)                   B. Tech. programme in all branches of study is structured on a credit based system following the semester pattern with continuous evaluation allowing flexibility for students to decide on the duration of programme completion.
ii)                  Each semester shall have 72 instructional days, followed by end semester examinations.
iii)       There is the provision for a student to opt for B.Tech (Honours) at the end of the fourth semester, under specific conditions that are given later.
iv)       The curriculum of any branch of the B. Tech programme is designed to have a minimum of 180 academic credits and 2 additional pass/fail credits, for the award of the degree.
Credits are assigned to courses based on the following general pattern.

One credit for each lecture hour per week for one semester

One credit for each tutorial hour per week for one semester
One credit for each laboratory/ practical session of 2 or 3 hrs, per week for one semester
Lectures, Tutorials and Practical are indicated in the curriculum as L - T - P
followed by the Credits for them.
If    L - T - P is 3 -  1- 0 the credit is 4; Likewise for 2 - 0 -2 the credit is 3 and for O  -0-
3 the credit is 1

v)        In a semester normally up to six lecture based courses and three laboratory/practical courses, carrying a maximum credit of 26, could be offered.
vi)        University may allow students to transfer credits they have earned at other

Universities and Academic Institutions with its approval. vii)       Student Activities Points:
In addition to academics, students have to actively engage in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.
Points are allotted for such activities. On getting a minimum of 100 activity points the student passes the course and earns 2 credits.

The 2 credits  earned  as mentioned  above are not counted  for the CGPA, but is mandatory for the award of the degree.
Listing of these  activities  and the maximum  points that could  be earned  by engaging  in them are given in section  28 (2) of this document.

Kerala Technological University (a state govt university) has come into existence on may 21,2014 with an aim It also emphasizes to improve the academic standards of the graduate,post graduate and research programmes in engineering science,technology and management and regulate the academic standards of all colleges affliated to the university.The main thrust areas of the university are research,Development and Innovation.
In this post we are giving you Handbook for Btech Semester 1 & 2 batches of Kerala Technological University(First batch under the university .You can download the pdf file of Handbook by clicking the below icon.
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