Syllabus for Engineering Physics S1&S2 2015-16

Course No. :PH100
L-T-P-Credits : 3-1-0-4

Course Objectives

Most of the engineering disciplines are rooted in Physics.  In fact a good engineer is more or less an applied physicist.  This course is designed to provide a bridge to the world of technology from the basics of science and to equip the students with skills in scientific inquiry, problem solving, and laboratory techniques.


Harmonic Oscillations:  Damped and Forced Harmonic Oscillations. Waves: One Dimensional and Three Dimensional waves, Interference: Interference in thin films (Reflected system) Diffraction: Fraunhofer and Fresnel Diffraction, Grating, Polarization of Light: Double refraction, production and detection of polarized light, Superconductivity: Properties and Applications. Quantum Mechanics: Schrodinger Equations- Formulation and Solution, Operators, Applications.  Statistical Mechanics: Microstates and macro states Maxwell - Boltzmann, Bose-Einstein and Fermi Dirac statistics. Fermi level and its significance. Acoustics:  Intensity of sound, Reverberation and design concepts, Ultrasonics: Production, Detection and Applications, NDT methods, Lasers: Properties, Working Principles, Practical Lasers. Photonics: Basics of Solid State lighting, Photo detectors, Solar Cells, Fiber Optics.

Expected outcome

Familiarity with the principles of Physics and its significance in engineering systems and technological advances. 


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