Basics Electrical Engineering 4th Module Generation of Power-Slides

Basics of Electrical Engineering 4th Module Generation of Power

Basics of Electrical Engineering 4th Module Generation of Power
Generating stations, transmission and distribution of electric power
Generating stations
•  Electric energy is considered superior to all other forms of energy
•  Cheaper, economical for all purpose of uses
•  Very convenient form of energy- can be converted into other forms
•  A generating station generates electricity
•  A generating station essentialy employs a prime mover coupled to an alternator.
•  Prime mover converts some form of energy into mechanical energy.
•  Alernator converts mechanical energy to electrical energy
•  Generating stations are classified as mainly,
Hydro-electric power stations
Thermal stations
Nuclear power stations
Diesel power stations
Hydro-electric power
• Is a power plant utilizing the potential energy
of water at a high level for the electricity generation.
•  The main requirement is a dam with a high head water content.
Schematic arrangement of a hydro – electric plant
Advantage of Hydro-electric power
•No fuel is required by such plants as water is the source of energy. Hence operating costs are low.
•The plant is highly reliable and it is cheapest in operations and maintenance.
•It is very neat and clean plant because no smoke or ash is produced 
• Such plant are robust and have got longer life.
•Highly skilled engineers are required only at the time of construction but later on only a few experienced person will be required.
•Such plants in addition to generation of electric power also serve other purpose such as irrigation and flood control.
• It requires large area 
•Its construction cost is very high and takes long time for erection.
•Long transmission lines are required as the plants are located in hilly areas which are quite away from the load centre.
•There is uncertainty about the availability of huge amount of water due to dependence of weather conditions. 

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