BE-103 Introduction to Sustainable Engineering Module 1 Detailed Teaching Note

Introduction to Sustainable Engineering Detailed Teaching Note

Sustainable Engineering Study materials may be useful to the staff and students of all the engineering colleges in Kerala

Module 1 Lesson 1 Sustainable engg fundamental Engineering has spurred and led the industrial revolution.But, in the process it has created important classes of problems,


• Human exposure to toxics in food, air, water and soil
• Rising demand for energy for transport, manufacturing, heating & cooling
• Depletion of non-renewable resources (petroleum, metals, phosphorus)
• Excessive demand for water for homes, agriculture, and industry
• Rising demand for land for housing, food production, and economic activities (production, retail, transportation)
• Ever increasing number and size of landfills
• Ecosystem damage and habitat loss due to pollutant discharges... and the “litany” goes on. Definition of Environmental Technology (according to Bridge to a Sustainable Future, Clinton White House, April 1995) An environmental technology is a technology that
- reduces human and ecological risks (better for us and nature, during production),
- enhances cost effectiveness (market competitive) ,
- improves process efficiency (more with less material and less energy) , and
- creates products and processes that are environmentally beneficial or benign
(better for us and nature, during use and at disposal).


  • Module 1 Lesson 2 Environmental legislations in India
India is a “soft State”

It has excellent environmental laws,but politics and/or corruption prevent their effective implementation.The result has been disastrous for our environment and hence for the economy too, as we are now seeing.
Public Interest Litigation has become the last resort It has given a voice to concerned and knowledgeable citizens and a push for action and enforcement.It is politically convenient to pass the buck to the Courts for doing what the legislature and executive ought to do.
Pollution Prevention and Waste
Minimisation Rules will be next A major weakness of the Environment Protection Act is its lack of “teeth” So new directions may arise either as judgments : CNG for Delhi vehicles,or State or City Rules : Plastic carry-bags banned in Sikkim, parts of West Bengal,Nilgiris Dt, Shimla, all of Bangla Desh



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