ME 100 Basics of Mechanical Engineering Module 2 : 'IC Engines'

Heat Engine:-

IC Engine is a classification of Heat engine So we have to study only IC Internal Combustion Engine.
A device which convert thermal energy into mechanical energy
Heat Engine classification (Based on type of combustion)

       1.  External Combustion Engine (E C Engine)

             - In an EC Engine, combustion of fuel takes place out side the cylinder.
 eg: Steam engines
       2.  Internal combustion Engine ( I C Engine)
              - In an IC Engine, combustion of fuel takes place in side the cylinder.
 eg: Automobile engines


1) According to the type of fuel used:
a)  Petrol engine
b)  Diesel engine
c)  Gas engine
d) Kerosene engine
e) Bio fuel engine
f) Mixed engine
2) According to the number of strokes required to complete the cycle.
               a) 4-stroke engine
               b) 2-stroke engine
3) According to the cycle of operation
               a) Otto cycle
               b) Diesel cycle
               c) Dual cycle
4) According to the method of ignition
             a) Spark ignition (SI)
              b) Combustion ignition (CI)
5) According to method of cooling
            a)  Air cooled
             b)  Liquid cooled (water, oil)
6) According to the number of cylinders
           a) Single cylinder engine
            b) Multy cylinder engine
7) According to the speed of the engine
            a)  Low speed
            b)  Medium speed
            c)  High speed
8) According to the arrangement of cylinder
         a)  Horizontal          
         b)  Vertical
         c)  In line                        
         d)  V-type   
         e)  Radial engine
9) According to the fuel feeding
        a) Carbureted engine
         b) Fuel injection type engine
10) According to the usage
        a) Stationary engine- used in power plants
         b) Portable engine- used in locomotives
         c) Automobile engine- used in vehicles
         d) Marine engine- used in ships.

The given pdf consists of 
  • Detailed explanation of IC Engine.
  • Detailed diagrams and pictures
  • Four stroke enginer Working
  • Two stroke engine working 
  • Classifications
  • etc..

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