'HS200 Business Economics' : S3 Btech Syllabus

Course code  : HS200
Course Name: Business Economics
L-T-P Credits : 3-0-0-3
Year of Introduction : 2016

Course Objective

  • To familiarize the prospective engineers with elementary Principles of Economics and Business Economics.
  • To acquaint the students with tools and techniques that are useful in their profession in Business Decision Making which will enhance their employability;
  • To apply business analysis to the “firm” under different market conditions;  
  • To apply economic models to examine current economic scenario and evaluate policy options for addressing economic issues 
  • To gain understanding of some Macroeconomic concepts to improve their ability to understand the business climate;
  • To prepare and analyse various business tools like balance sheet, cost benefit analysis and  rate of returns at an elementary level


Please publish the s2 revaluation result.

Please publish the s2 revaluation result.