'HS210 Life Skills' : S3 Btech Syllabus

Course code  : HS210
Course Name: Life Skills
L-T-P Credits : 2-0-2
Year of Introduction : 2016

Course Objective

  • To develop communication competence in prospective engineers.
  • To enable them to convey thoughts and ideas with clarity and focus. To develop report writing skills. 
  • To equip them to face interview & Group Discussion.
  • To inculcate critical thinking process.
  • To prepare them on problem solving skills.
  • To provide symbolic, verbal, and graphical interpretations of statements in a problem description.
  • To understand team dynamics & effectiveness.
  • To create an awareness on Engineering Ethics and Human Values.
  • To instill Moral and Social Values, Loyalty and also to learn to appreciate the rights of others. 
  • To learn leadership qualities and practice them