MA101-Calculus Textbook

Calculus-MA101 TextBook

Calculus and Its Applications

by Larry J. Goldstein


Kerala Technological University First semester maths subject Calculus MA101 textbook written by Larry J.Goldstein
Calculus and Its Applications, Thirteenth Edition is a comprehensive, yet flexible, text for students majoring in business, economics, life science or social sciences. The authors delve into greater mathematical depth than other texts while motivating students through relevant, up-to-date, applications drawn from students' major fields of study. The authors motivate key ideas geometrically and intuitively, providing a solid foundation for the more abstract treatments that follow. Every chapter includes a large quantity of exceptional exercises-a hallmark of this textthat address skills, applications, concepts and technology. The Thirteenth Edition includes updated applications, exercises and technology coverage. The authors have also added more study tools, including a prerequisite skills diagnostic test and a greatly improved end-of-chapter summary and made content improvements based on user reviews.
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