Model Question Paper For HS200 BUSINESS ECONOMICS

APJ Abdul Kalam Technological University

Third/Fourth Semester B.Tech Degree Examination 2016-17 

Model Question Paper

Time: 3 Hours Max. Marks: 100
Part A (Answer any 3 Questions out of 4 Questions. Each carries 10 Marks) 

1. a.  Discuss the scope of Business Economics.  
 b.  Is usefulness same as Utility? Justify your answer with examples.

2. a. With the help of a suitable diagram explain Production Possibility Curve.  
b. What do you understand by i. Veblen Effect ii. Griffen’s Paradox

3. a. If you are the Finance Minister, for which item,   eg. Perfectly Elastic or            Perfectly Inelastic item will you increase tax to ensure additional revenue.          Why?  

b. Discuss Variable Proportion Production. How is it different from Fixed          Proportion Production?

4.    Suppose the production function is Y = 2K1/4L3/4 and K = L = 1. How much output is produced? If we reduced L by 10%, how much would K need to be increased to produce the same output?

Part B (Answer any 3 Questions out of 4 Questions. Each carries 10 Marks)

5.  The owner of Old-fashioned Berry Pies is thinking of adding a new line of pies  which require leasing new equipment for a monthly payment of $6000. Variable costs would be $2 per pie and retail price per pie is $7.

a. How many pies must be sold in order to break even?

b. What would be the profit  (or loss) if  1000 pies are made and sold out in a month?

c. How many pies must be sold to realize a profit of $4000?

d. If 2000 can be sold and a profit target is $5000, what price should be charged per pie?

6.  Discuss the following:    

a. Features of Monopolistic Competition.       b. Oligopoly

7.  Explain how RBI controls inflation.

8.  With the help of a diagram, explain two sector model for circular flow of money.
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