CS207 Electronic Devices and Circuits Model Question Paper

Model Question Paper for Electronic Devices and Circuits CS207

1. Design a circuit to generate the following wave form

2. Draw a circuit which converts Square wave to Triangular Wave. Explain the conversion process. 

3. Define Line Regulation & Load Regulation. 

4. Draw the Drain and transfer characteristics of Enhancement and Depletion MOSFETs. 

5. Define Stability factor & derive the general expression for stability factor. 

6. What is IGFET? Draw its Structure. 

7. List out the classification of amplifiers based on different parameters. 

8. Draw and explain the equivalent circuit of crystal oscillator. 

9. What is the Barkhausen criterion for an oscillator? 

10. Draw the Circuit Diagram, input & output Waveforms of a slicer which clips of the signal at +3V & +5V. 

11. Draw the Circuit Diagram and output waveform of miller sweep circuit. 

12. Draw Drain & Transfer Characteristics of a JFET. 

13. Define Line Regulation & Load Regulation. 

14. What do you mean by biasing? What is need for biasing the transistor? 

15. Fixed bias circuit is seldom used for amplifiers .Why? 

16. List the classifications of Oscillators? 

17. What is the Barkhausen criterion for an oscillator? 

18. Draw and explain clipping circuits with relevant waveforms. 

19. Differentiate between BJT and JFET. 

20. Explain series voltage regulator using transistors with Current limiting and fold back protection.

21. Draw the neat sketch of n-channel enhancement MOSFET. And justify the reason for the wider depletion layer at drain end. 

22. Explain the working of voltage Tripler circuits with help of a neat sketch. 

23. (a). Explain the working of voltage Doubler circuit. (b) Explain the working of a simple sweep circuit using transistor as a switch with relevant sketch. 

24. (a). Differentiate between BJT and JFET. (b). Explain Series Voltage regulator using transistor. 

25. (a).With relevant diagrams explain the operation of n-channel JFET 

26. What you mean by frequency response of an amplifier? Draw and explain thefrequency response of RC coupled amplifier also mention the causes of gain roll-off at low and high frequencies. 

27. Explain the working of Wein bridge oscillator. Also derive the expression for its frequency of operation and feedback factor. 

28. (a). List out the effects of negative feedback on amplifiers & explain. (b). what is a free-running multi-vibrator? Draw the circuit diagram of its collector Coupled version and explain how it generates a square wave signal.

.....Total 56 Questions
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