KTU Rules for Assigning Activity Points


Apart from technical knowledge and skills, to be successful as professionals, students should have excellent soft skills, leadership qualities and team spirit. They should have entrepreneurial capabilities and societal commitment.
                                    In order to nurture these qualities, KTU has introduced activity points to be earned by the students during their academic stay at the University covering extra-curricular and cocurricular activities. All students have to earn a minimum of 100 activity points from various activity segments listed to qualify for the B.Tech degree. Two credits are given for this on a pass/ fail basis and is mandatory for getting the B.Tech Degree. As no grade is given for these two credits, they are not included in the CGPA calculation. For lateral entry students joining from the third semester, the activity point requirement is 75. Points earned by the student will be indicated in the consolidated academic statement.
                                 Colleges shall consolidate the activity points earned by students on a semester basis and enter the consolidated points on an academic year basis in the KTU portal. In case of NSS and NCC, points can be entered after the completion of two-year Programme. The portal for this will only be open for a specific time period. All documental proof for awarding the activity points should be obtained and kept with the college authorities to be verified by the Academic Auditor. 

1. National Initiatives
2. Sports & Games
3. Cultural Activities
4. Professional Self Initiatives
5. Entrepreneurship and Innovation
6. Leadership & Management
                                            The following table gives the list of activities under each of these segments, the level of achievement expected, activity points, evidence needed to assign the points and the minimum duration needed for certain activities.
                                             Additional activities falling under these segments can be considered, if requested by the college with full details. However this has to be approved by the Academic Committee of the KTU.

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