S1 and S3 Semester Examination Postponed-To a date after Christmas Vacation

B.Tech first and third semester examination scheduled from 15-12-2016 postponed

  • The B.tech first and third semester examination scheduled from 15-12-2016 have been postponed to a date after Christmas vacation. 
  • The revised schedule will be announced later.


Are you sure

we have already written one exam what about that exam?


what about the exam which we wrote yesterday??

What about the exam that we wrote please give answer???I am not satisfied with this.

Now the ktu taken the wrong decision .It is good to conduct the exam now.

please give a reply

KTU is supporting self financing colleges...Govt. and aided colleges also NAAC accredited colleges should affiliate to Kerala,MG and Cochin Universities according geographical locations.. This so called quality university is publishing question paper with lot of spelling mistakes and actualy quality is only in projection



This is the right decision..16 colleges boycot the exams have backborn...


yes question paper is too badly prepared

sir, what about calculus exam which we had already written ? please respond . Thanks a lot for changing the present exam schedule and please give at least 2 days gap between exams , in a single day its difficult to complete all the 6 modules

decision may be good but we thought it wil be easy for us to write bec exam becoz onli that xam was after the christmas so many days will get for studying as it is a difficult one.if the ktu was given 2 days gap for each exam this much prblm will never arise.then will the calculus that we have written 0n 13 will be cancelled ?.

The main problem is KTU is preparing question paper by super experts... they are not actually knowing standard of students and level of teaching.. IIT or IISc professors will prepare questions of their standard.. that's what happened with Calculus question paper... Actually the examination time table could have been made with enough study gaps in between... but that did not happen due to the adamant nature of VC... Blame it on VC... This VC will spoil the KTU and also spoil the name of the state also..

when will the new timetable be posted??/

sir ,please cancel the exams which we have already written..otherwise there will not be uniformity in exams and the students have to be written two question papers under the same university..

If the university is not going to provide atleast two days gap between the coming exam it will be a waste to have these time..
The authorities may think that we got about a month that we may complete all portions. It may happen but we cannot write the exam perfectly unless sufficient gap is provided.

You are exactly right

What about the exam we already wrote