Introduction to Computing and Problem Solving BE 101-05 Note-Module 3

BE101-05 Note

Introduction to Computing and Problem Solving-MODULE 3

KTU Computer Science and Engineering Fist Semester Core Subject Introduction to Computing and Problem Solving BE101-05 third module full note pdf Preview and Download Button are given below

Module 3 Syllabus

Introduction to Python – variables, expressions and statements, evaluation of expressions, precedence, string operations
(Note:- the instructor can demonstrate simple programs to the students and encourage them to develop similar ones. In particular, before attempting programs containing functions, the students should be given enough support and time to develop python code containing long sequence of statements for the simple flowcharts developed earlier. This will strengthen the students’ understanding of instruction sequencing. Chapters 1 and 2 of ‘Downey’ have to be covered. Chapter 1 & 2 of ‘Lambert’ can also be used.)  Control statements, Boolean expressions and logical operators, conditional and alternative executions (Note: - Chapter 4 of ‘Downey’ up to Section 4.9 has to be covered. The instructor should demonstrate each of these concepts with real examples and encourage students to develop as many as possible. Chapter 3 of ‘Lambert’ can be used for detailed discussion and self-study) Iteration - while statement and tables. (Note: - Chapter 6 of ‘Downey’ has to be covered.  Chapter 3 of ‘Lambert’ can be used for detailed discussion and self-study.)