S4 Syllabus Mechanical Engineering [ME]

Mechanical Engineering [ME]

S4 Syllabus
ktu s4 syllabus for me

  1. MA202 Probability Distributions,Transforms and Numerical Methods[Click Here]
  2. ME202 Advanced Mechanics of Solids [Updated]
  3. ME204 Thermal Engineering
  4. ME206 Fluid Machinery
  5. ME220 Manufacturing Technology
  6. ME232 Thermal Engineering Lab
  7. ME230 Fluid Mechanics & Machines Lab

Course Name : Advanced Mechanics of Solids Course No : ME202
ktu s4 syllabus of ME202 Advanced Mechanics of Solids

Course Name : Thermal Engineering Course No : ME204
ktu s4 syllabus of ME204 Thermal Engineering

Course Name : Fluid Machinery Course No : ME206
ktu s4 syllabus of ME206 Fluid Machinery

Course Name : Manufacturing Technology Course No : ME220
ktu s4 syllabus of ME220 Manufacturing Technology

Course Name : Fluid Mechanics and Machines Lab Course No : ME230
ktu s4 syllabus of ME230 Fluid Mechanics and Machines Lab

Course Name : Thermal Engineering Lab Course No : ME232
ktu s4 syllabus of ME232 Thermal Engineering Lab