S4 Syllabus Electronics and Communication Engineering [ECE]

Electronics and Communication Engineering [ECE]

S4 Syllabus
KTU Btech s4 syllabus for ece

  1. MA204 Probability Distributions,Random Processes[Click Here]
  2. EC202 Signals and Systems [Updated]
  3. EC204 Analog Integrated Circuits [Updated]
  4. EC206 Computer Organization [Updated]
  5. EC208 Analog Communication Engineering [Updated]
  6. EC230 Logic Circuit Design Lab
  7. EC232 Analog Integrated Circuits Lab

Course Name : Signals & Systems Course No. : EC202

KTU Syllabus for  EC202 Signals & Systems

Course Name : Analog Integrated Circuits Course No : EC204

ktu s4 syllabus of EC204 Analog Integrated Circuits

Course Name : Computer Organization Course No : EC206

ktu s4 syllabus of EC206 Computer Organization

Course Name : Analog Communication Engineering Course No : EC208

ktu s4 syllabus of EC208 Analog Communication Engineering

Course Name : Logic Circuit Design Lab Course No : EC230
ktu s4 syllabus of EC230 Logic Circuit Design Lab

Course Name : Analog Integrated Circuits Lab Course No : EC232

ktu s4 syllabus of ec232 Analog Integrated Circuits Lab


good work.i loved it (k)

MA204 is the syllabus code...And the name is Probability,random processes and numerical method.....The given codes MA202 is for ME STUDENTS