MA202 Textbook:Probability Distributions,Transforms and Numerical Methods

Probability Distributions,Transforms and Numerical Methods MA202 Textbook

Advanced Engineering Mathematics 10th Edition by Erwin Kreyszig [KTU Syllabus Oriented]

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 Purpose and Structure of the Book 
This book provides a comprehensive, thorough, and up-to-date treatment of engineering mathematics. It is intended to introduce students of engineering, physics, mathematics, computer science, and related fields to those areas of applied mathematics that are most relevant for solving practical problems. A course in elementary calculus is the sole prerequisite. (However, a concise refresher of basic calculus for the student is included on the inside cover and in Appendix 3.) The subject matter is arranged into seven parts as follows: 
A. Ordinary Differential Equations (ODEs) in Chapters 1–6 
B. Linear Algebra. Vector Calculus. See Chapters 7–10 
C. Fourier Analysis. Partial Differential Equations (PDEs). See Chapters 11 and 12 
D. Complex Analysis in Chapters 13–18 
E. Numeric Analysis in Chapters 19–21 
F. Optimization, Graphs in Chapters 22 and 23 
G. Probability, Statistics in Chapters 24 and 25.

General Features of the Book Include
• Simplicity of examples to make the book teachable—why choose complicated examples when simple ones are as instructive or even better? 
• Independence of parts and blocks of chapters to provide flexibility in tailoring courses to specific needs. 
• Self-contained presentation, except for a few clearly marked places where a proof would exceed the level of the book and a reference is given instead. 
• Gradual increase in difficulty of material with no jumps or gaps to ensure an enjoyable teaching and learning experience. 
• Modern standard notation to help students with other courses, modern books, and journals in mathematics, engineering, statistics, physics, computer science, and others. 

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