KTU Academic Calendar 2017-18

KTU July 2017-July 2018 B.Tech B.Arch M.Tech M.Arch M.Planning MCA Evening B.Tech and M.Tech Academic Calendar is Published.
ktu b.tech academic calendar 2017 2018
*01/08/2017 Commencement of S1,S3&S5 Classes.
*Spetember 16th First Internal Exam to be Completed.
*October 20th Second Internal Eaxm to be Completed.
*November 24th 2017 Classes End,Publish Internal Marks, Publish Attendance.
*December 4th 2017 Commencement of S1/S3/S5 Exams
*December 19th 2017 S1/S3/S5 Exams to be Completed.
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ktu academic calendar 2017-18


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