CE365 Functional Design of Buildings Note | Module 1 and 2 | S5 Civil Elective

KTU B.Tech Fifth Semester Civil Engineering Elective Subject CE365 Functional Design of Buildings First and Second Module Note.
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CE365 Functional Design of Buildings:
Module1:Acoustics, fundamentals: Physics of sound-Frequency, period amplitude. Intensity of sound- Watts/m2 - Bel- Decibel scales- dBA- Phon. Addition of sound levels. Human Audibility range. Behavior of sound in free and reverberant fields. Noise- allowable limits- effect of noise on human-Air and structure born noises-equivalent noise levels-day and night equivalent.

Module2:Acoustics, applications: Measures of noise control- Source-path and receiving end. TL value and computation of TL value, Flanking paths. Sound absorption-materials and fixings. Reverberation-Sabines formula-Eyrings modification. Acoustical defects- acoustical design of auditoriums and small lecture halls. Acoustical considerations of offices, hospitals and Industrial buildings.

CE365 Functional Design of Buildings Note PDF given below:
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