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Refund of Tuition Fee Paid for Students Quit B.Tech Course | Government Order

ktu tuition fee refund government order
Sub:- KEAM 2017 - Students who quit B.Tech course on admission to Nursing / Paramedical Courses & Other courses due to shortage of credits for transfer to higher semesters - Exemption from payment of liquidated damages and Refund of tuition fee paid - Government Orders - Communicating of.
The Government vide the Order cited first above has exempted the students of B.Tech in Government / Aided / Government controlled self financing colleges who obtained TC after 15.08.2017 for joining Nursing / Para-medical courses from payment of liquidated damages. It has also been ordered that the tuition fee paid by such students will be refunded.
Government vide the Order read 2nd above has issued guidelines for the return of TC and waiver of liquidated damages in the case of students whoi discontinue their studies for want of credits required for registering in higher semesters.
The Principals concerned are requested to comply with the above directions. Copies of the G.O.s are attached for ready reference.

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List of Eligible Students | Refund of Revaluation Fee

ktu refund
It is hereby notified that the students who have secured more than 15% mark variation on revaluation of the examinations listed below are eligible to get refund of their revaluation fee of Rs.600/- per paper (Rupees Six Hundred Only). The list of eligible students are published below.They are directed to collect the same from the Principal of the college concerned after 23/11/2017. Exams: B.Tech S1 Exam Jan 2016 B.Tech S2 Exam May 2016, B.Tech S1 Supplementary Exam 2015-16, B.Tech S2 Supplementary Exam 2015-16, S1,S2 B.Tech Special.Supplementary Exam Aug/Sep 2016.

List of Students Eligible for Refund
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