ME100 Basics of Mechanical Engineering Module 2 : 'Turbo Machines'

Turbo Machines

Turbo machines are all those devices in which energy is transferred either to, or from, a continuously flowing fluid by the dynamic action of one or more moving blade rows. The word turbo or turbines is of Latin origin and implies that which spins or whirls around. A fluid machine is a device which converts the energy stored by a fluid into mechanical energy or vice versa. Machines using liquid (mainly water, for almost all practical purposes) are termed as hydraulic machines.

Hydraulic energy     >>>      Mechanical energy  

eg :  Turbine 
Mechanical energy     >>>      Hydraulic energy   

 eg: pumps

Classification of turbines

1. Based on working principle

1. Impulse turbine
2. Reaction turbine

2. Based on working media

                1. Hydraulic turbine
                2. Steam turbine
    3. Gas turbine.
                4. Wind turbine

3.Based on head and discharge

1. High head turbine(>250m eg: Pelton turbine)
2. Medium head turbine ( 60- 250m ) eg: Francis turbine
             3. Low head Turbine ( Below 60m )eg: Kaplan turbine

4.Based on specific speed

                 1.   Low specific speed  ( 10 – 60 ) eg: pelton
                2 . Medium sp speed   ( 60 – 300 ) eg: francis
              3 . High sp speed         (300 – 1000 ) eg : Kaplan

5.Based on flow through runner

                1. Radial Flow turbine  eg :  old francis turbine
                2 . Axial flow                 eg :  Kaplan
                3 . Mixed flow               eg :  Francis
                4 . Tangential flow        eg :  pelton wheel

6.Based on disposition of turbine main shaft

                1. Horizontal shaft
                 2. Vertical shaft.

But in this module we have to study only some types of turbo machines.The given materials contains 

  • Detailed explanations of Turbo Machines.
  • Detailed diagrams and pictures
  • Turbines
  • Pumbs 
  • Classifications
  • etc..

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