ME100 Basics of Mechanical Engineering Module 5 : 'Introduction'

  •     Almost every product we use is produced using some type of manufacturing process.
  •    Most of the food we eat is processed. We watch television on a set that was manufactured.
  •    Likewise, the vehicle we drive is the product of processing actions.
  •    The books and magazines we read
  •     CDs that bring us music were all manufactured

Manufacturing is the application of
 Physical and chemical processes to alter the
  •    geometry,
  •     properties,
  •    and appearance

of a starting material to make parts or products for a given application

Production or manufacturing can be simply defined as value addition processes by which raw materials of low utility and value due to its inadequate material properties and poor or irregular size, shape and finish are converted into high utility and valued products with definite dimensions, forms and finish imparting some functional ability.

   Manufacturing process can be classified into five groups.
 They are
  •    Shaping Process
  •    Machining process
  •    Joining process
  •    Finishing Process
  •    Property Changing process
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