Life Skills Note (HS210)-Second Module


MODULE-2 Full Note

Syllabus-Module 2

Steps in problem solving, Problem Solving Techniques,Problem Solving through Six Thinking Hats, Mind Mapping,Forced Connections.Problem Solving strategies, Analytical Thinking and quantitative reasoning expressed in written form, Numeric,symbolic, and graphic reasoning, Solving application problems.Introduction to Groups and Teams, Team Composition,Managing Team Performance, Importance of Group, Stages of Group, Group Cycle, Group thinking, getting acquainted,Clarifying expectations.Group Problem Solving, Achieving Group Consensus.


Our economy was dependent on agriculture in the past. Men needed only physical strength,knowledge of a trade, obedience to orders and hard work. But in the present century, the global economic conditions have gone through drastic changes and those mentioned earlier were not sufficient enough to be successful in a career. A job applicant must be result oriented,self motivated, skillful interpersonally and in many other fields.Most of us think that creativity is only for artists and writers. But in truth, being creative means
“breaking out of established patterns to look at things in a different way”.



Imagination is the ability to see the impossible or unreal. To do something in a different way, we often rely upon imagination. In creativity, we need to focus on ideas which might be possible. Imagination requires less actual knowledge and it relies rarely on facts.


Intuition is the ability to know something without using reasoning or rational thinking. It is knowledge that we never consciously know that we had. All the experiences we receive store in our mind without our attention. It is believed that these stored experiences will help us in problematic situations. The sub conscious mind helps us connecting the stored information and provides solutions for the problems we face.Intuition represents non linear thinking where the mind makes a jump from the known and predictable to the unknown and unpredictable. Intuition can be systematically developed and trained.


Experience is the source from which we acquire knowledge. Our brain develops databases through different experiences and knowledge is increased by our experiences. People with more experience are usually more creative. People who are more experienced are intellectually curious, comfortable with expressing and experiencing emotions and willing to try new things.

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