KTU Model Question Paper for Mechanics of Solids CE201 (Set1)

Mechanics of Solids CE201 

Model Question Paper (Set1)


(Answer All Questions, 5 x 2 = 10 Marks)

1. Define Strain Energy...?

2. Prove that for axial loading, Strain Energy 

3. Define Modular Ratio.

4. Write a short note on type of supports.

5. Briefly Explain Cantilever beam and Simply Supported Beam.


(Answer Any Two Questions, 2 x 5 = 10 Marks)

6. A uniformly tapering circular steel bar of length 1m and diameter 30 mm at one end and 50 mm at the other end subjected to an axial pull of 100 kN. 

What will be the elongation produced in the bar...?

7. A 600 mm long vertical copper bar is placed between two rigid surfaces with a gap of 0.2 mm above the bar as shown in figure. 
Find the temperature stress in the bar when the temperature is raised by 400C.

Take α = 1.6 x 10-5 per 0

C and E = 1.05 x 105 N/mm2

8. Draw BMD and SFD of the Cantilever AB shown in the figure.

9. Draw BMD and SFD of the Simply Supported Beam AB shown in the figure.

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