Business Economics [HS200] Note-Module 4

Module-4 Full Note

Business Economics [HS200]

KTU Business Economics HS200 4th Module Notes,this pdf include all important topics (Fourth module)  question with detailed Answers.pdf preview and download link is given below.

Fourth Module Contents:
Basics of Macro Economics - Circular flow of income-two sector and multi-sector models- National Income Concepts-Measurement methods-problems-Inflation, deflation (4 Hrs.)-Trade cycles-Money- stock and flow concept-Quantity theory of money-Fischer’s Equation and Cambridge Equation -velocity of circulation of money-credit control methods-SLR, CRR, Open Market Operations-Repo and Reverse Repo rate-emerging concepts in money-bit coin (4 Hrs.).
Note-Module 4

Model Questions Solved-Module 4
ktu business economics hs200 note mod 4