S4 Syllabus Electrical and Electronics Engineering [EEE]

Electrical and Electronics Engineering [EEE]

S4 Syllabus
ktu s4 syllabus for eee

  1. MA202 Probability Distributions,Transforms and Numerical Methods[Click Here]
  2. EE202 Synchronous and Induction Machines
  3. EE204 Digital Electronics and Logic Design
  4. EE206 Material Science
  5. EE208 Measurements and Instrumentation
  6. EE232 Electrical Machines Lab
  7. EE234 Circuits and Measurements Lab

Course Name : Synchronous and Induction Machines Course No. : EE202

ktu s4 syllabus of ee202 Synchronous and Induction Machines

Course Name : Digital Electronics and Logic Design Course No : EE204

ktu s4 syllabus of EE204 Digital Electronics and Logic Design

Course Name : Material Science Course No : EE206

ktu s4 syllabus of EE206 MATERIAL SCIENCE

Course Name : Measurements and Instrumentation Course No : EE208

ktu s4 syllabus of EE208 Measurements and Instrumentation

Course Name : Electrical Machines Lab Course No : EE232

ktu s4 syllabus of EE232 Electrical Machines Lab

Course Name : Circuits and Measurements Lab Course No : EE234

ktu s4 syllabus of EE234 Circuits and Measurements Lab