Modified S4 B.Tech Syllabus

Academic-B.Tech S4 Programme-Modified course plan 
ktu s4 btech syllabus updated

 The Curriculum Committee reviewed the syllabus and modified the course plan of S4 B.Tech programme by deleting and / or clarifying coverage of certain topics and submitted the modified course plan for 4 th semester B.Tech.

CSE :CS 208,CS 232 [Click here]
ME  :ME 202 [Click here]
ECE:EC 202,EC 204,EC 206,EC 208 [Click here]
CE   :CE 202, CE 204,CE 206,CE 208[Click here]

The modified course plan with reduced content will be effective from 04.03.2017.It may be noted that there are no changes in the Syllabus and Question paper pattern.