Course Registration of S2-S4-S6 Now Started | How to Register?

ktu registration
APJ Abdul Kalam Technological University Kerala B.Tech Even Semesters S2, S4, S6 are Directed to Register for the Courses in the KTU e-Governance Portal.

Last date for Course registration: 12-01-18
  • Course registration is NOT the same as Exam Registration. Course registration has to be done only for the courses in which you are attending the classes currently.
  • If you having "course repeat" status in any of the previous even-semester course, contact respective Tutor for advise before the submission.
  • College will be able to submit your attendance/internals only if course registration is completed
  • For higher semester students, previous even-semester ineligible courses will be also available in list.
  • Credits of courses chosen cannot exceed 28 for B.Tech and 24 for M.Tech.
  • Higher semester students are advised to choose elective courses as per the instruction from department with extra care.

How to Register?

  1. Go to KTU Student Login Portal Click Here
  2. Login to Your Account Using User Name and Password.
  3. Click On "Course/Semester Exam Registration".
  4. Then Click On "Register New Courses" button followed by "Academic Year: 2017-2018 Semester:**. (**=S2,S4,S6).
  5. Then Tick the subjects and Save,after confirmation click on Submit button.
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S6 Full Syllabus for Chemical Engineering

KTU B.Tech AChemical Engineering Sixth Semester Full Subjects Credit, Slot and  Syllabus Download Link is Given Below.
Subject Credit
CH302 Process dynamics and control 4 A
CH304 Inorganic chemical technology 3 B
CH306 Mass transfer operations-II 3 C
CH308 Chemical Reaction Engineering-II 3 D
CH312 Chemical engineering design-I 3 E
CH332 Mass transfer operations lab 1 S
CH334 Programming and process simulation lab 1 T
CH352 Comprehensive Exam 2 U
CH362 Non-Conventional Petroleum Resources-Elective 3 F
CH364 Bioprocess Engineering-Elective 3 F
CH366 Corrosion Engineering-Elective 3 F
CH368 Computational Fluid Dynamics-Elective 3 F
CH372 Catalyst Science and Catalytic Processes-Elective 3 F
CH374 Process Design for Pollution Control-Elective 3 F
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S6 Full Syllabus Applied Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering

KTU B.Tech Applied Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering Sixth Semester Full Subjects Credit, Slot and  Syllabus Download Link is Given Below.
Subject Credit
AE302 Process Control 4 A
AE304 Industrial Instrumentation 3 B
AE306 Digital Signal Processing 3 C
AE312 Power Electronics 3 D
AE308 Advanced Microprocessors 3 E
AE332 Process Control Lab 1 S
AE334 Power Electronics Lab 1 T
AE352 Comprehensive Exam 2 U
EC360 Soft Computing-Elective 3 F
AE362 Industrial Psychology-Elective 3 F
AE364 MEMS/NEMS-Elective 3 F
AE366 Embedded System Design-Elective 3 F
AE368 Plastic Engineering-Elective 3 F
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Comprehensive Exam **352 Details | S6 Common Paper

Course Code:**352 (**=CS,ME,CE,EE,EC,IT...).
Course Name:Comprehensive Examination.

Course Objectives:-
To assess the comprehensive knowledge gained in basic courses relevant to the branch of study.
 To comprehend the questions asked and answer them with confidence.

Oral examination – To be conducted weekly during the slot allotted for the course in the curriculum (@ three students/hour) – 50 marks.
Written examination - To be conducted by the Dept. immediately after the second internal examination– common to all students of the same branch – objective type ( 1 hour duration)– 50 multiple choice questions ( 4 choices) of 1 mark each covering all the courses up to and including semester V – no negative marks – 50 marks.

Note: Both oral and written examinations are mandatory. But separate minimum marks is not insisted for pass. If a students does not complete any of the two assessments, grade I shall be awarded and the final grade shall be given only after the completion of both the assessments. The two hours allotted for the course may be used by the students for library reading and for oral assessment.

Expected outcome:-
 The students will be confident in discussing the fundamental aspects of any engineering problem/situation and give answers in dealing with them.
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Solution Method | No record found of Revaluation Result- B.Tech S2-S4 Exam 2016-17

KTU result solution
KTU B.Tech Revaluation Result S2-S4 Examinations 2016-17 Results are Shown No record found website.Here we Explain a Solution of this Problem .Try This.
  1. Go to KTU e-Gov Portal [in Desktop Mode]-Click Here .
  2. Login to your Student Portal by Using User name and Password.
  3. Click on Upper Tab Second Button "Exam".
  4. Then Select Academic Year as "2016-17".
  5. Then Select "Revaluation Grade" corresponding of "B.Tech S4 Examination 2016-17" and "B.Tech S2 Examination 2016-17"
  6. Check your Result.
You Have any Problem..Comment Below Please 
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Revaluation Result Published- B.Tech S4 Examination 2016-17 (S4 Result)

ktu s2 revaluation result
APJ Abdul Kalam Technological University KTU B.Tech Fourth Semester-S4 Examination 2016-17 Revaluation Result Published.
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Revaluation Result- B.Tech S2 Examination 2016-17 (S2 Result)

ktu s4 revaluation result
APJ Abdul Kalam Technological University KTU B.Tech Second Semester-S2 Examination 2016-17 Revaluation Result Published.
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Results Declaration Date | KTU B.Tech Odd Semesters S1-S3-S5 Examination Dec-2017

ktu result date
APJ Abdul Kalam Technological University (KTU) B.Tech S1, S3, S5 Odd Semesters Regular Examination December 2017 Results are To be Published on February 9th 2018 (09/02/2018).

*This Information Provided on the Basis of KTU Academic Calendar 2017-18 .
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